Big Box

This one goes way back- to before being a blue man drummer, and before being a father!

I was living in a house that was slotted for demolition, and the date was nearing.  I had moved most of my stuff out of the house, and recorded some silly little videos with a digital camera.  Enjoy!

Brothers and Sisters!


Here’s a DrumCam version of a live song from a Thomas Wynn and the Believers gig back in Dec, 2010 at the Copper Rocket here in Orlando.

This one’s got some Quarter Note Snare goin’ on. It’s one of my favorite beats from the funk’n’soul style of playing. I first heard it from Greg Errico and his playing with Sly and the Family Stone. The first Sly album I came across was Stand!, and the track, “I Wanna Take You Higher”- has Greg driving the entire band with the quarter note snare, and some super funky bass drum juju all up in there.

This tune with TWATB is much more on the rock side, but you can still hear Matt layin down some funk on the bass, and me doin my best to drive the band with that left hand. You can see me watching Thomas at the end, because the ending of the song could come out of nowhere, and at any second- so I had to keep my eye on him- I knew I wouldn’t get much warning! 😉

Thomas Wynn, lead vox, guit.
Olivia Wynn, vox
Chris Bell, harmonica
Tim Turner, guit
Matt Lapham, bass
me, drums