One Take #6: taking it to the next level…

I’m releasing this video on my 43rd birthday-  and it feels great!  I spent way longer than I had hoped on this video, but I learned so much in the making of it, and had a blast putting it all together.  It’s my first time incorporating my 11’x15′ green screen that I got off of Amazon.  My little 10’x11′ room, which also has all of my recording gear, and drum set, etc is definitely too small to be doing larger scale video shooting like this, but I managed to pull it off.   I’m thinking the next green screen experiment will be in the garage…  Next, I need lights, and a better way to hold up the green screen, and keep the wrinkles out of it.

But I feel very accomplished, and am proud of this video.  It’s very much a reflection of where I’m at in my life, and who I am, or who I’m becoming.  It’s crazy, because at 43, you’d figure that people pretty much settle into who they are, and are settled into their life paths, and are just kind of cruising- even if the cruising means working hard…   But I feel like I still have so much growing and changing to do, like there’s a part of me that wants to laugh, and dance, and sing, and play drums, and not care what anyone else thinks, much like a child does before they become self conscious.  I also feel in my gut, that when i’m able to get back to that child-like innocence, and combine that with my years of experience as a musician,  that there’s power inherent in that combination, and that power will set me free.  I’m 43 and I’m still a dreamer.  I still dream of a life where I’m at the helm, navigating through life’s waters, whether they be calm or rocky, and embracing the journey, rolling with the punches, constantly growing, constantly learning, constantly allowing more and more creativity to come through me!   And that life will support me for doing this.  I may or may not get “rich” approaching things this way, but I know that the experience I have will be the richest, tastiest nectar life has to offer.

So, dream on dreamers, no matter what life throws you!  Charge ahead, do the work, and stick with it.  That’s what I plan on doing.

Without further ado, here’s my latest creation-  and we’re only at the beginning-