The start of project: One Take…

Hello, and welcome to somewhere other than Facebook!

I just completed my first “One Take” piece of music.  This is an idea I’ve had for a while, and I’m finally getting around to it.  The idea is simply that I sit down, and record a short video of me playing drums, once.  No double takes, no second chances-  I get an idea of what might be a nice musical idea, and some sort of structure, turn on the cameras, and whatever comes out it is.   I leave it at that.

Then I take the audio from that recording, and add to it-  I don’t play any stringed instruments, so no guitar, no bass, but I roughly play some keyboards.  So most of the stuff I’m going to be doing will be keyboard based, but I can get a lot of fun sounds out of keyboards, so I’ll compose like that.  Because I’m not a professional keyboard player, I take a little more time to come up with the actual parts for this side of it- so the keyboard parts are not first takes, but I still try to play them straight through as a performance, and not use cutting and pasting.  For example, on this song, the bass line took me six times through to get what I wanted.  The first time through, I was just poking around, trying to find something that sounded good.  I would get bits of ideas each time, and just keep adding.  I forgot to video myself playing the keyboard parts, and wasn’t even sure how I would work that into the video, but I plan on perhaps adding some of that in future videos.

The video editing is pretty new for me as well.  I have a pretty good understanding of Adobe Photoshop, so I understand a lot about what the color corrections, etc do, and I’ve messed around with some video editing before, but I’m now learning Final Cut Pro, which is a whole other thing.  But it’s a learning process, and if I want my stuff to get better, I have to start somewhere.

So here’s the first of hopefully many installments to my project: One Take

welcome to!


I’m Rion Smith, and have now been playing drums for 30 years, and have been a professional for 20.  I have a lot to offer from my years of experience, and look forward to sharing with you where I’ve been and what I’ve been through, as well as what I’m currently working on, and where I’m going.

Like the ever expanding Universe we live in, music is something that you’ll never reach the end of, no matter how far you go.

This little Universe of will be growing, so keep posted, and please feel free to leave comments, so we can talk about this stuff!