One Take #4

#3 in my “One Take” series where I record myself playing drums, having no idea what the music will be like-  then I add music later, along with more percussion parts, and put the whole thing together into a video mash-up.

I’m using a GoPro,

an iPhone 5 with a fish-eye lens, and an iQ5 Zoom mic attachment

Reason 8 as my music software,

Final Cut Pro X

youtube: riondrum

instagram: rionsmith

twitter: riondrum

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2 thoughts on “One Take #4

  1. Hello Rion. I used to come and watch you at Tanguereys. You are such a talented musician.I miss watching the seemingly effortles magic you produce..It takes a special kind of person to do what you do.
    What I wanted to say was that I AM a subscriber to your You tube channel and saw your thoughts on ” fear”, and your analyzation of your past, fearful of criticism of others, resulting in lack of posts..fear of being judged..etc..
    …Your wife and child in Japan…
    I just wanted to express what I have learned pertaining to you?
    Give back!!
    Where the mind goes, energy flows.
    You are an incredible artist, for starters,
    And even in the most pristeen places on this planet, you will find flaws..but should we focus on them rather than say, the beautiful array of flowers in a patch of wild flowers..even if theres one that may not be”perfect”?
    I say, celibrate your Accomplishments!
    The complexity of that which you CAN
    so gracefully execute..
    Undoubtedly, you have heard Alot of people as an artist..and..Every one of the best, still make mistakes..right?
    B B king was NOT perfect.. and he had been doing it for 80 years,
    and like you, WAS an extraordinary ARTIST..
    YOU celibrate that!!
    As far as wife and child..
    Imagine and FEEL your IDEAL for that situation (and any other ideals for that matter) and BELIEVE they will come, and they will come.
    You are an extraordinary talent and I wish only the best for the hard work you have put in..but in the end, it is you that must
    Turn your thoughts away from past fears and seeming shortcomings, and turn TO
    your gifts and what talents and experiences/ good you Do have,
    and always stay in excited anticipation of your wishes fulfilled, while being truly grateful for the now.
    ( note to self, heed my own advice)
    Neville Goddard “mental diets” changed my life on this point..thats all I can say..
    “Turn away from what you dont want, to the Feeling of the wish fulfilled”.
    “Where the mind goes, energy flows”.

    I so miss seeing you guys live, truly, but
    I AM so looking forward to seeing you in St. Pete someday soon..sorry I missed you at OBJ this year, was hoping youd post it on you tube..
    Until then I have my CD in my car and your Two you tube albums!!
    Just incredible work!! Be proud of that!!
    So…glad I got that out of my system.
    I am older, so I don’t have Facebook or Twitter and just thought maybe I could somehow get this message to you for what it’s worth.
    Come to St.Pete! Look me up.
    Maybe your family can move here someday soon! The city is incredible, and the music scene is on fire right now.
    Best wishes!

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    • Hey Paul! Thanks for the thoughtful and kind words. This is an interesting thing- because, I am a self-help book junkie! So I hear everything you’re saying, and appreciate it! It’s not necessarily new information, but information that’s good to hear again from an actual person who knows me and my music. I wouldn’t say that I’m STUCK in these thoughts of fear- BUT I’m trying to come out of the closet, and come clean, so to speak, so that I can eliminate these thought patterns from my system, and get down to making the music and videos that I want to make, and sharing them with the world.

      The timing of your message couldn’t be more perfect, because I’ve recently been watching some Dr. Joe Dispenza, and he talks a lot about getting to the FEELING of what you want, and how you have to become the person who has those things so that you’re no longer trapped in your old subconscious mind patterns.

      So that’s the next phase- you’ve got to de-program to re-program!

      I was just in Tampa with Hannah Harber and the Lionhearts last night- so, not too far from where you are! Anyway- thanks for taking the time to reach out- it means a lot to me!


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