One Take #2 – drums and original music

This is the second in my “One Take” series.  In an effort to kill the perfectionist within me, I’m forcing myself to just make stuff, and get it done quickly.  The drums are done in one take, and the rest is composed as quickly as I can, just until it feels about done.

As an artist who’s suffered from crippling perfectionism, which usually means that stuff would get worked on for a while, but was never “done” because, well, it’s never “perfect”…  I’m tired of just simply collecting a pile of sketched out, or nearly complete works, but never getting anything out there.

I recently read something that said, “the imperfect book that gets published is 100 times better than the perfect book than never leaves my desk.”  So these One Takes are an effort for me to take imperfect stuff and get it out there.

I hope you enjoy!

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